viernes, 13 de abril de 2018

Let's stick together

We live on a beautiful planet. It certainly once was beautiful and we have added some nice touches by way of art and invention. But we have also disrupted and destroyed large parts of Earth's fur, showing baldness and disgusting skin diseases. We are a cancer upon her and she knows it, she's always known it would come one day and here we are. In less than ten thousand ever so short years we have evolved from a nasty, wood burning skinrash that wasn't particularly good at dealing with rough weather and which felt more or less under control, into a terminal condition which these days seems to be reaching its conclusion. Or so I guess the American desire to start a nuclear exchange must be interpreted. A chance to get rid of many useless eaters and free up space for old mother's regeneration. Of course, the fall out should be limited to a manageable number of Fukushimas, though maximum destruction would be sought. A nuclear winter might do a lot of useful harm. The rich will hide on their islands and in bunkers, weathering the storm. The rest of us will be controlled by violence, forcing us to die quietly despite the injustice. This, I am quite sure, is their plan. They've given us as much time as they safely could, I'm talking consumers here, but they are not going to wait till they lose control. I say they because I don't belong. I belonged enough to get me through the last crisis without much pain, but this time I will surely be on the wrong side of the divide.

It needn't have come to this. There were moments and places where people would happily have chosen stagnation in a bid to find balance, as clever organisation had raised the commoner's living standard above abject poverty without destroying everything at the same time, like a real cancer. Yet these moments were forsaken and here we find ourselves. We are all guilty of having participated in this cannibalistic scavenger's delight and we should accept that we have outlived our function, yet it stings that those who unnecessarily kept speeding up developments are the ones that stand a reasonable chance of surviving it all and start a new life on an empty planet full of equipment. Should be nice seeing your offspring going that route.

The question is, why now? Are accelerating events throwing them of their rocks? How bad is the arctic? Because melting the arctic is not a good idea. Already our weather is completely messed up. Can the oceans still be saved? What about the rain forests? How are we going to deal with the many unexpected consequences of the sixth extinction event? It would be nice to get an honest answer, better to know what you are making way for. All this lying is only causing headaches. Why are politicians still afraid of telling the truth? The police state has been coming for some time now and we have all seen it approach, yet nobody was able to do something about it. The most heroic resistors were killed. This is the matrix, we can't trust the truth anymore. Reality has been shattered into possibilities. So come out, deciders, don't be stupid about it. We're educated people.

Finally, a thought to the consequences of sudden massive human die off. Where do our souls go? Back to Earth seems out of the question with the number of available bodies drastically reduced, and letting yourself be lured into some kind of light never seemed a wise decision. I mean, anybody can say they are your god and how would you know the difference? Better to stay together, I say, close but at respectable distance. No influencing, see what we can accomplish with our collective energy. Start locally, as always. Don't go for bigger than necessary. Let's stick together, there's plenty of time to go into the light if you must.

Coos Palmboom

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