sábado, 12 de julio de 2014


Here in Barcelona (Catalunya) 2014 is the year of artificial skies. Since mid January they have been chemtrailing us on a daily basis. Result: everybody is sick from the air pollution, plants won't grow and the clouds look totally fantastic - or horrible, if you are sensitive to the planet's well-being. Ever since it started we have been taking pictures and now we have turned some of those images into T-shirt designs. Why? Because nobody seems willing to discuss what is going on above their heads, so we thought we might attract people's attention by putting some weather on our chests. As weird as the pictures may look, we want to stress that all we've changed are the colours. What you see is what we get.

I made this one in late June on Mar Bella, people staring at the white sunlight while these clouds were passing overhead.

Have a look at our other shirts. If you are interested in wearing them, you can either have us produce you one and send it by mail or ask for the design and do it yourself. We know this debilitating spraying is going on around the planet. If you're feeling lousy, you're not alone. So if you'd be interested in bringing out similar T-shirts be our guest. We would like to know about it though. Anyway, time to send us an email at: jpjhamminga@gmail.com. This summer we'll all be wearing the weather on our chests. Below you'll find our first prints. More designs are in the making. Further down there is other stuff we are engaged in.
Take good care.

It's just too big not to see it.