sábado, 14 de octubre de 2017

Open letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission

Dear Mr Juncker, how many deaths do you require from Catalunya to gain independence? What is the price we must pay? It would be convenient to get an answer before things roughen up around here, most likely by the end of next week.

Let us speak loud and clear: we all know the Spanish government is not of this century. They're a bunch of anachronistic fascists, heirs to Franco's ways, who don't speak their languages and are completely isolated in Europe. Their only function is to execute your dictates without asking questions (as they are not able to do so). Everybody who has heard or read Mr Puigdemont's speech the other day in Catalan Parliament knows he is absolutely right. His description of how relations between Madrid and Barcelona deteriorated after such hopeful beginnings was spot on. You know this.

You understand there is no way back for Catalunya into Spain. As much as Catalans have sought freedom from Madrid over the last couple of years, Madrid has given its everything to drive us out. All accorded courtesy has been shattered, up to a point where we are treated as occupied territory. We are allowed to make money, though only just, but all the profits are going to Madrid. After the events of 1-O there is no reconciliation possible. After Puigdemont's final attempt at coming to an agreed settlement, ruthlessly swept aside by Madrid, even less so.

There is bloodlust in the eyes of those who fill the front rows of Spanish parliament. Eighty years after Franco took Barcelona, they are the generation chosen to once again slay us into submission. They can hardly conceal their pride and enthusiasm. Their hatred for anything Catalan is eternal, as they have never been and will never be able to turn us into them. You know this. Or at least, you should understand this. You are, after all, the president of the European Commission.

Catalunya is going to be the next European state, a modern, prosperous, successful country. You know this is inevitable. You wouldn't want to have it any other way. So the question remaining is: how many deaths do you require from Catalunya to gain its independence from Madrid? After Mr Rajoy has invoked article 155 of the Spanish constitution, Catalan parliament will formalize independence and the forces of conquest will descend upon Barcelona, supported by radicalized fascist gangs. The streets of our beloved city will colour red with the blood of, how many? Will 50 be enough? Do you require 300? Perhaps even a few thousand?

Dear Mr Juncker, you know that the end of the troubles will be Catalan independence and you are not going to lose us, so we will be a member of the EU. And we are mature enough to grasp that you can't just simply put your weight behind our movement, as this is not the way the Union works. So, once again: how many deaths do you require of us before you step in and stop the madness? I think we have a right to know. You have about three days to speak up. 50? 300? 2,000?

A concerned citizen

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