jueves, 2 de junio de 2022

It’s the madness in their eyes

Everybody is going crazy, the subterranean traveller complained. I can’t have a normal, reasonably intelligent conversation with anybody anymore. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about, people say the stupidest and most trifling things. Even the weather. I mean, people can’t talk about the weather anymore. Can you imagine? After weeks of rain there is finally a clear day, and people go, oh, it’s so hot. And when I say, aren’t you glad after all those grey days, they look at me with glazy eyes and don’t know what I’m talking about. I mean, it’s like they haven’t got any memory anymore. Not even the slightest. I find that scary. It makes me sometimes wonder, have I got it wrong? I can’t be the only one who remembers yesterday, so perhaps I am mistaken, but then I hear them say other ridiculous things and I know it’s them. It’s just there are so many. It’s an absolute plague.


When I try talking some serious stuff, say, the war going on in Eastern Ukraine, people say, war is no good, it must stop. And I say, sure, but if you just keep poking and threatening someone, at some point they will hit out at you. The same goes for countries. And they say, what are you talking about? And I go, US has been at Russia’s throat for a couple of decades now, and people say, what do you mean? They just don’t know what’s going down there, they haven’t got a clue. War is bad. Yeah, sure, war is bad, that’s why we call it war. We don’t call it fun and games. But there’s something like karma, you know, there is getting your comeuppance. You can’t just have it your way all the time and expect other people to swallow whatever you throw at them. That’s not how the world works. And people say, we are peaceful, our countries haven’t fought each other for I don’t know how long. And I go, then tell me why your country is one of the richest in the world? How did you manage to pull that off? And they don’t have an answer. It’s like it is, they say. And they say, that’s why we should always let other people come and live here if they want to. I go, so, it’s not because we destroy their economies, and they have little choice but to come and live among their enemies? Then their eyes glaze over once again. They just don’t know anything. It’s madness.


The worst is perhaps the whole covid thing. I say, do you realise your leaders have been trying to kill you with their idiotic policies? I give the usual examples, the masks that don’t protect, the tests that can’t detect how bad you’ve got it and whether you should consider yourself a danger to other people, like actually feeling sick, you know, and the murderous lock-ups and the torture of our poor children, refusing to treat people who really are sick and who then die because nobody wants to help them, and the few doctors who do reach out have their licence revoked. And then to top it off they push everybody into taking a completely useless and at the same time very dangerous injection which they call a vaccine, but which is something completely else. You know, the whole shebang. And people say, what are you talking about? Covid is dangerous and we are being protected. I say, no, covid is not dangerous at all for most people, and you’re being robbed blind. Do you even remember what life looked like before all this madness took off? And I see those eyes again and I know, no, they do not remember. They have forgotten pretty much everything. Whatever the reason, people are losing their minds. I find that very scary, but I believe I already said that.


People seem to have stopped caring, the subterranean continued. You know, putting personal relationships first. Now it is fear ruling their decisions, fear of non-compliance and the inevitable consequences it might bring. Many people seem to be losing their personality, not caring because they somehow have lost the ability to tell real from fake. They think everything they see is real, not realising the gripping, sensational stories the entertainment machine is providing them with are completely untrue. And you live in this lie and the lie offers the opportunity to be heroic while promoting the lie simultaneously. And you accept, because everybody is doing it, it’s like a new normal.


I don’t think we should be taking this road which is controlled by ambition and power projection. It’s ugly and it’s senseless and it produces no Earth value. There’s nothing there that Earth might be profiting from, apart from a few deliberate restoration projects. I believe we are close to extinguishing ourselves as a species. So many people seem to be going to disappear or get modified into an externally controlled version of themselves, like street theatre puppets. The richness of human existence, the many cultures and challenges people face, is going to be mortally wounded. Human culture is disappearing, and our various ways of life will be utterly forgotten. You own nothing and you’ll be happy, remember that one? Whatever we whisper in your ear, dear.


I don’t want to stop this fight until it’s over, the traveller concluded, even if I may at times seem a lonely fool to be resisting all the laughable yet equally demeaning measures so many people obediently put up with. No, we’re not saving anyone by agreeing with our governments which have over the years become entrenched in conducting people’s lives – so many things you can’t or must do, so many rules that didn’t exist twenty years ago. And the last two years have seen a particularly sharp increase in behavioural dictatorship, or should that be dictatorial behaviourism? It is how it is, and don’t you dare whisper it ain’t true, so as not to be cancelled for indecent infringement. I say, please, people, let’s free ourselves from this madness. It is not necessary, it is not inevitable. We make it so, yes, that’s true, but we always have our free will – some say God given, others say nature deriven – to do things in a different way from what we are told, creating a different situation in which other types of decisions are prone to be made, which then will further stimulate ongoing promotion of the idea that nothing has to be like our self-appointed superiors tell us it is. We are human beings still, I hope, we possess a soul, we have a will, we are energy hidden inside an energy consuming machine called body. We continuously feel the need to express ourselves. Shall I tell you something funny? I see in fact a lot of expression of free will in people’s behaviour these days. The endangered mask free status, for one, makes people find new ways of showing their teeth and smiles. After all, you want to be remembered well when they lock up your face again. Don’t do it any longer, please. Let’s not get sucked into this monkey business. Resist. Be healthy. Don’t get diagnosed. Don’t get tested. Please. It would make all the difference. We can save ourselves by simple behavioural adjustment, pretty much like quitting smoking. Bit tough for a few days, but soon enough you start noticing the benefits. And no, there are no patches for mental strength, but rest assured that someone somewhere is working on a synthetic version.



Mask rules

For close to two years the Spanish population have been waiting for someone to finally lift the ever more ridiculous mask wearing rule. People who were wearing masks at work would meet outside or simply walk to the bus stop together mask free. Children who were perfectly healthy and who were touching each other continuously, as children do, had to wear the horrifying mask of shame for no other reason than to be born in the wrong year. What grown-ups, whether parents or teachers or strangers, have done to our children is a crime of unimaginable cruelty. We have destroyed two years of their lives, years we often relish as being among the best of our own existence. That is sadistic. You know you are going to hurt them, and you do it anyway. You know the masks were not fit for purpose, that was openly stated early on, yet you accepted the rule when it came along. Whenever a rule changed or a new one was implemented, you simply obliged, considering the rule of law always above human relations. Mummy loves you, honey, but the law says she must punish you with unnecessary mask wearing. We must always follow the law, remember? Mummies are not allowed to protect their children from the law.


As a teacher and a neighbour, I’ve seen a lot of children suffering. For two years, they were not allowed to have normal relationships, to breathe freely, or to see faces. Out of the blue, they were forced into a different way of life, full of restrictions, with strange and cruel rules such as distancing yourself from your friends, which never seemed to make any sense. Suddenly, their youth was taken away from them. And it lasted two long years. Remember how long two years seemed when you were at school? Think about that if you haven’t already. Their youth was stolen. These children’s brains must be seriously impaired. And we did it. We let it happen. We screwed them over. So, how do you think they feel?


On holiday in Madrid, we saw a remarkable number of middle-aged couples with one or two masked teenagers in their wake. And while the lonely ones looked as if they were being hauled off to the nearest slaughterhouse, the pairs often seemed quite lively, though only among themselves. Whatever life still had to offer to them, it clearly did so within a hostile environment. Back in class, the girls initially kept their masks on, though hanging below the nose so as to be able to breathe again. The boys did show their faces, and they were disappointingly ugly. I am not going to describe them here, but let it be said that the girls noticed too.


Overall, Madrid was pretty mask obedient, less than a week before the priorly notified lifting of the main sanctions. On the metro, nobody opted for the below the mouth wearing style that has become quite generally practiced in Barcelona recently, a trend I pride myself in having been one of the early adopters of. Also, in bars the ridiculous practice of sporting a mask while walking past tables, only to tear it off immediately once being seated, was still enforced with gusto. As welcoming as cafes generally are in the nation’s capital, even at this late moment the mask laws still ruled supreme. Whatever the activity one engaged in, hugging friends and strangers alike, being at work or simply embezzling money, the mask had to be worn at all designated times and locations. We don’t poke fun at humiliating rules here, remember? I guess it is the price you pay for living near the centre of things.


It's not only teenagers who love wearing their mask with an unhealthy desire. There are the adults who have always believed that their society was the best possible, if not perfect, and that government, with all its flaws, ultimately speaks the truth because it was chosen by the people and is there for the people. They have been the most fanatical in upholding the various lockdown measures – always keeping distance, washing their hands continuously, sporting masks even in the confinement of their own cars - and feel betrayed now that so many measures have been eased. Double masked and with a straight back, their heads held up high, they angrily walk past all the mask- and carefree losers who so desperately need fun in their lives. See them sitting in the sun, having drinks and snacks, laughing with friends! They, on the other hand, are not afraid to be afraid and hate their circumstances. They feel well-prepared for the necessary hardships that are inevitably coming our way. Bring on the new rules, chastise us with well-deserved punishment. We are ready to give it all up for new unpleasant realities.


It's surprising to see how many of these covid fanatics – covidians in the tongue of the infidels – are left leaning. I always thought that left in the West was a mostly libertarian affair, giving people the means to have their own unique experience, something like that, certainly since the unproven convictions of the twentieth century after the fall of the Soviet Union started watering down to become today’s cultural Marxism. Yet, it seems the covidians are more of the Stalinist type, ready to slay all those who oppose the mask if only in the deepest of their dreams. They really feel superior in a sadistic kind of way.


One week in, many people are still expressing their joy at being freed from the horror of being a stranger to neighbours and friends (while torturing their children at the same time). So, I asked around: what are you going to do if the mask rule is reinstated. You clearly hate it a lot, don’t you now? It’s a difficult answer for most. They never want to wear the damn thing again, ever, and they know it’s not childishness but their soul calling, that you just can’t live your life wearing masks, that life is about something else, and you know it is true and you really wish you could be free, but you also know that in fact you can’t. You cannot change the world on your own, so there is no sense in stepping forward. We need someone crazy enough to actually step forward, so we can all be early adopters and help humanity moving on from the present madness. So, that’s what everyone is waiting for. The new messiah. First public appearances should take place before Pentecost if one hopes to make it through revolution month. In the meantime, many would likely follow up renewed regulations. You know, it’s the law, and remember, it’s probably only temporary, more than two years it can’t last, just like the last time. There’ll be life after that, perhaps.



jueves, 7 de abril de 2022

Cancel Culture


“I would like to welcome everybody to this extraordinary meeting of our city’s culture chamber. As you all may know, there are pressing reasons for having convened you here today. These reasons have everything to do with the war that is currently going on in Ukraine.”

“Putin Nazi! Putin Nazi!”

“Thank you for expressing your opinion. As you may be aware, all over the free world governing bodies are taking measures to show our rejection of Russia’s unfounded and unjustified actions against a peaceful neighbouring country.”

“Putin Nazi!”

“Your support is heart-warming. Since we felt our beautiful town could not stay behind, we convened all of you here today to determine what necessary cultural measures we are going to take. To give you an idea of what is possible, our local picture museum used to be the proud owner of two magnificent copies of works by Ilya Repin, the great 19th century Russian painter of everyday hardship. I can hereby announce that in close collaboration with the copier, who is a locally known landscape painter in her own right, the museum has already taken these two works off the wall and sent them to the municipal waste management plant, where they will be incinerated.”

“Putin Nazi!”

“Then of course, there is the ballet. You all know how excited we were when we sealed the contract that put our humble municipal auditorium on the European tour of Stravinsky’s Rites of Spring performance for ballet and orchestra. As an aspiring provincial town we are not afraid to spend money and energy on culture and I recall vividly how our chamber played a pivotal role in securing the ballet’s engagement, for which the councillor has thanked me personally.”

“We have heard that story before, Emil, if you allow me, but it is as you say, in our heartfelt desire to show our support for Ukraine by deleting everything Russian we can impossibly allow anything by Stravinsky being performed.”

“Or sold.”

“Indeed, brother Nathaniel. I can assure you that music stores have begun sending all their Russian music back to its issuers, and in case this is not possible because we are talking about early gramophone editions, to have them destroyed.”

“Putin Nazi!”

“We need all the support we can get, thank you.”

“Let us not forget the invaluable effort our municipal libraries are making, Emil. All Russian literature, and this includes dissident literature from Soviet times, has been taken off the shelves and will be burnt this Saturday at a Special Book Burning Gala to which our town’s book shops have been invited as well. The Christian Marching Band will be performing inspiring Ukrainian folk songs.”

“Thank you, I was just going to announce this. Then there is another matter, that of the Russian imports. We understand Russian farming equipment has become quite popular among the agrarian community in our region thanks to its attractive price quality ratio. This of course must come to an immediate stop.”

“Putin Nazi!”

“Yes, thank you, it is understood.”

“But Emil, this is none of our business, is it? We are the culture chamber, I don’t think we should be deciding on matters of economy and employment.”

“You are aware, Emil, that we have quite a few members of the farming community in our midst. We can’t simply put them back financially. It’s not fair and it doesn’t make sense.

“And I think you should be aware that everything is connected. I would therefore like to express my gratitude, on behalf of this chamber, to those honourable citizens who understand their civic duty in these trying times and without being called upon come forward with denunciations of Russian paraphernalia hiding neighbours. I also wish to mention an initiative from the educational sector. A rendering of the Matthaeus Passion by Bach was planned on a local high school for Easter Saturday, but as two participating pupils have Russian sounding names, everybody thought it better to stop rehearsing and cancel the event.”

“Putin Nazi!”

“Yes, of course. What I want to say is, we cannot really congratulate ourselves on our following the science without first embracing the fact that almost everybody is feeling the same. We must always be conscious and expressive of the reality that we, as a nation, are on the right path, more than we perhaps have ever been. We are vaccinated, we support Ukraine, and we know Putin downed MH17.”

“Well, we don’t, actually.”

“We don’t what?”

“They don’t have much of a case, the Dutch, do they? It took them years to come up with an argumentation that asks an awful lot of the imagination to be convincing, while at the same time they never wanted to investigate the logical suspicion the Ukrainian air force was involved. The even gave Ukraine a veto on the committee’s findings!”

“Can we please go back to the main topic, Emil? As erudite as this discussion is, I believe we are out of our depth here.”

“You are absolutely correct. We need to talk about literature.”

“We’ve just covered that, haven’t we?”

“We have spoken about book burning. As essential as that is, we must also look at the influence many of these books have already had on their readers. Let’s be clear, here, a lot of well-read Europeans grew up on Dostoevsky as a mainstay in their foreign writers’ catalogue. And more than a few of those will have read him at tender and impressionable age. This, of course, must be considered extremely dangerous. We therefore ask our reading neighbours to step forward if they have had this experience, so they can be freed from the influence and better serve our Ukrainian friends.”

“Putin Nazi!”

“We are winning, my friend, we are winning.”

“What if you are influenced by Tolstoy? Will I equally need to be freed from having read War and Peace?”

“Yes, naturally. But you must wait, we’ll deal with Dostoevsky first.”

“So, what’s going to happen to those readers, then?”

“They will have to be reprogrammed, I guess.”

“And how are they going to do that?”

“Don’t you worry about that, young man. Their names are already known.”

“I nevertheless agree with our youthful member that we should be informed about the methods.”

“Look here, Emil, we have for two long years been swallowing an awful load of bullshit, a murderous load of misinterpretation, and now you want us to accept your Ukrainian solution in the same way? Do we really have to take this nonsense any longer?”

“Well, I don’t know what your thinking is based on, dear colleague, but your rant receives little support here, so I would like you to please be quiet or leave the room, thank you.”

“I do not wish to upset anyone, I just feel it’s time we were treated as grown-ups again.”

“Nobody ever treated you as a grown-up.”

“Now there, let’s not get personal.”

“Lady Beth!”

“Yes, it’s me. Still alive, and all that. I am of the opinion that if some of us haven’t been quite as brave and accepting of the situation as they could have been, then this is a common weakness which should be treated as such.”

“I am sure our pharmaceutical industry would find a miracle cure in no time if only we asked them.”

“Possibly, yes.”

“Make that likely. Look how few people have been dying from the vaccines so far. Just a couple of thousands. That’s almost nothing, from a percentage point of view.”

“So, it is settled, then? Those born in the twentieth century will have to show proof that reading Dostoevsky has not influenced them in any meaningful way, such to be judged by an interactive interrogation programme, in order to receive a derussianization imprint on their QR code.”

“I am sure it will not be as bad as it sounds.”

“For those who comply it won’t.”



Stop acting so crazy!

We are going through dangerous times for a specific reason. According to astrology, the age of Pisces, also called the Christ era, is coming to an end, and, if mental evolution has its way, humanity will enter the age of Aquarius. Some believe the new era began in 1968, others think we aren’t quite there yet. What is for sure though, is that society has been pretty convulsive over the last fifty years. Some people have personally prepared themselves for Aquarius and are already living in accordance with its principles, many still cling to Pisces, and a small but influential elite would like us to never make it onto the next stage.


Pisces was the era of a collective morality, led from above and duly followed by an unthinking and sometimes unfeeling mass of insignificant people who were deliberately kept in the dark about their true potential as humans. The Church of Rome was the highest power, sustained by a feudal system that kept Europe under control for well over a thousand years. Ever since the bubonic plague though, a civil society that allows people to determine the course of their lives themselves has slowly grown, reaching its heights in the decades post World War 2. The downside of this rise in awareness in western human has been the fact that it was facilitated by capitalism, a mindless free for all approach which inevitably led to environmental and cultural destruction around the globe, pushing many established societies back into more primitive circumstances characterised by fear and abuse. As a result, an awakening global citizenry sees its path to enlightenment blocked by karma. You cannot expect to be saved by good will alone. More is warranted. Nevertheless, accepting the need to step up and seek an aquarian mindset might bring good fortune. For sure in these trying times it may give peace of mind to adopt a non-defensive, transparent lifestyle.


Capitalism being our karma, there is yet a larger obstacle on our way to Aquarius. The elites of our global world are not exactly looking forward to our possible collective ascension. They’d rather keep us locked in our old stage, better even further back. They feel it would be more convenient to have the world to themselves rather than to share it with all of us. It is an old desire and they have been looking for ways to fulfil this dream for many decades. Now, already in the twenty-first century and with technological prowess peaking, the elites feel their time has come. Listen to their horrifying aloofness. Knowing that our pineal gland is the portal to higher awareness, the door through which we may know without knowing what other living creatures are experiencing and what free roaming spirits are trying to tell us, the rich and influential have done everything in their power to obstruct its proper functioning. First of all, attempts to inform the public about the gland’s significance were ridiculed. It’s just a little hormone producer so long as official science has not established any other uses – and hell it will. Secondly, and ostensibly to protect against caries, tap water was adulterated with fluor, a highly toxic substance that corrodes the gland and debilitates its functioning. It is telling that while many people managed to get rid of the yoke of collective morals, few succeeded in replacing it with a functional set of individually upheld principles. Freedom for most is lack of rules. Recently, the final attack on the pineal gland has been opened. If anything, the unnecessary and thus highly suspicious so-called vaccines will stop the gland from working at all. This is going to have disastrous consequences for you as a human, a soul carrying body experiencing life on this living planet. The inability to connect with higher realms will not only make entrance into Aquarius impossible, it will also rob us from our inspiration, both heavenly and artistic. Without the gland, your brain is nothing but a library of previous impressions. No new ideas will enter. This will make you susceptible to manipulation.


It is imperative to the survival of humanity as an intelligent, creative species to make an end to this ploy. If we fail, we will end up with an elite of physically clean and clear-minded fake aquarians, basking in wealth and self-importance, and a mass of zombified un-beings which at some point will likely be left to go quietly extinct. Why keep so many useless eaters alive when you can clone the best samples? We cannot have this. This was not supposed to be our destiny. It was certainly not who you thought you were when your consciousness awoke in that tiny toddler body of yours, a god in a temple under construction, waiting for its completion to be marvellous. Of course, before you could be ready you were sent to school, where that god complex of yours was successfully deconstructed and replaced with a sense of utter insignificance (“we’re all nobodies in an endless universe”), but still. If there is a modicum of spirituality left in you, stop taking the poison and clean up, is what I say. There is information out there on how to do it. But go off google first.


The figure of Christ is interesting in all this. He is the symbol of Pisces for many, yet he is not your typical pisces male. At two thousand years old and first aired at a time when the world was turning from Aries to Pisces, his teachings, which have seldom been followed through as they were too trying for most people’s everyday reality, have a distinct aquarian feel to them. You could say Christ wasn’t showing his followers the beginning of the road but rather the end. One didn’t have to be like Christ or live in eternal shame for failing to do so, one had to get there in the end. I guess Christ knew the stars were giving his believers a good two millennia to live up to expectations and he must have thought it sufficient. Well, here we are, in danger of not making it. Having let the fear of death take over our reasoning lately, we are duly waiting for instructions from higher up to put on a mask, take it off, put it on again, keep distance, come closer and hug, step away again, have a shot, have another one, forget everything that was said before, now remember it again, be offended by war, and repeat the whole cycle ad nauseam. Not exactly the behaviour of well-prepared proto-aquarians.


So, in honour of Christ, who never died for our sins but was simply murdered and who accepted his fate because he was not afraid (this was his gift, showing us that, while the run in may be painful, death itself is nothing to be scared of), let us try to become individually operating peace loving creatures, living without self-obsession in a sea of positive feelings for environment and the people around us. I believe this is what Aquarius means. From a collective morality which is inherently willing to sacrifice the individual for the common good, we must assume a personal morality which requires us to do the right thing regardless of peer pressure. We must clean up our gland and concentrate on our awareness and unspoken ways of communication. We must, to a certain extent, do away with words. Realise, that a belief in the pineal gland’s unproven powers by itself exerts influence. It is in fact quite easy to create a pleasant atmosphere among cry-babies. Try it once.


But first, stop complying. Get rid of the Aries mindset our elites are pushing us into, based on fear and bodily preservation. Remember it is not that long ago that we were doing way much better. In fact, many of us actively participated in those golden years. There really is no need to give up our potential just for some unsubstantiated fears. Understand that we have billions of years ahead of us if we want. The question remains: will it be their future or all of ours?




lunes, 7 de febrero de 2022

A Modest Proposal

Dear fellow humans, we’ve got ourselves in a right old mess over these last two years. We have allowed our governments to control our lives into the tiniest details, even when they were punishing our meekness with devastating sadism. Some couldn’t even hide their triumphant smiles. Having grown stale after two months, the covid scare has only been kept alive thanks to our weasel behaviour in the face of an extraordinarily coincidental adventure in which reality always seemed one step behind authorities’ reaction to the same. It was a kind of Alice in Wonderland affair, with people locked to their looking glasses telling them how dangerous life was becoming.


And then you all took the elixir. They told you it was an experiment and that you wouldn’t have any form of reclamation in case of damages, so why participate? Why lend your body to genetic intervention? I was not raised in any recognisable religion or denomination (a bit of everything and a load of disbelief) but I feel a strong reprehension to having my genetic make-up fiddled with under the scornful eyes of my maker, whether God or Mother Nature. I wouldn’t want to lose my soul, if that is possible, nor my mind or my heart or any other organ. I just wouldn’t do it under any circumstance, kill me first. If my existence on Earth is no longer appreciated, then why don’t you get it over with. But don’t expect me to help you. You will have to outsmart me. I despise you too.


Dear fellow humans, you have been poisoned. There was no reason to protect you against a disease which had become mostly controllable for the vast majority. The absurd measures, beginning with disrupting the GP-patient relation, followed by locking people up and refusing to treat them, never did anything to relieve the burden of those who were in the fire line and who had mostly stopped paying taxes, a cardinal sin in neoliberalist society. Think of that. By creating a bogus scare, hospitals were nudged towards the wrong approach, thinking they were dealing with the bubonic plague and killing thousands of elderly people in the process before they understood what was actually going on and began to get a grip on the situation. That’s when this whole epidemic was over, in May 2020, yet nobody was interested in this fact. Nevertheless, the numbers are to this day available on official EU pages. This screenshot was taken from euromomo.eu.



So, here we are. Covid has mutated into omicron and everybody gets it while very few people take it hard. The virus is harmless and has become part of our constitution. As it goes with viruses, the story has come to its natural conclusion. As always, nature bats last. That is, if this whole virus story isn’t simply made up and people were poisoned in different ways. That’s the stuff of speculation. It doesn’t hurt to follow the viral narrative here. Covid imploded right after it started, as it was obviously staged and the few wouldn’t release anything honestly dangerous so as not to risk their own high net worth lives. Yet, few were able to see this. Finally, a shift is noticeable. In the face of growing civil impatience, countries are loosening restrictions and turning their concerns to the possibility of war, that old and time tested fearmonger. Yet for two whole years our governments have managed to forestall inevitable herd immunity, forcing us to wear masks, close down our businesses and worst of all, be maniacal monsters to our poor little children, stealing their lust for life and their sense of being. My question is: fellow humans, are you willing to learn the right lessons from this biblical tragedy? Are you ready to fundamentally change your ways or are you already mesmerised by the looming threat of nuclear war?


We have come very close to extinction this time and we aren’t safe by a long shot, especially the majority of you who have already had three kill shots and are starting to feel a bit feeble, yet there seems to emerge a workable collective of resilient individuals who are ready to confront the power elites who dreamt up this fanciful idea of culling western consumers for the benefit of their own, endless futures. At the same time, the elites are showing to be surprisingly insecure of themselves. Think of it this way: three investment funds rule the world with their money, which is basically the money of millions of medium and small-time investors and which gives these savers – what in their heart they still are – a shared responsibility for the tyranny that is presently coming into being. And clearly, not everybody deals with this realisation in a similar heartless way as the lizards at the top. Many of the well-off love their land and town equally as poor folk, not imagining having to say goodbye to either.


Dear fellow humans, the time has come to put our daily struggles aside for a while and, in the words of our great adversary Klaus S., imagine the world we want for ourselves. I believe the time has come to rethink our relationship with authority. For as long as I can think back and for at least two thousand years, we have been subjected to the whims of church and landlords and later money, government and other distant manipulators. We believed them to be superior to us at first and then we believed they represented us and had our best interests in mind. Either way we have been betrayed by those who threw themselves to the fore and shouted: look at me, I’m wonderful, I’ll be your king, your priest, your banker, your minister, your manager, all you must do is trust my kindness.


These people are psychopaths. That’s how are system works, we select for the smartest and the cruellest, with neoliberalism especially fruitful for the latter. We cannot trust these people. They are the worst of our kind. They show it in their willingness to save their world by getting rid of what they perceive as useless eaters. The best you may hope for under their plans is to do at all times as you are told by means of direct brain impulses, the technology for which is being injected into you jab by jab. Of course, you may choose to play it safe by not seeking your limits. This is how electric fencing works. But don’t worry, your soul will be taken care of through genetic manipulation. You will leave your body, if you not simply dissolve, rendering your experience down here instantly worthless and your body a walking corpse. This is heavy stuff. Check on what serious physicians have to say about it. You may want to start here.


At the same time, ever since the real bubonic plague, we have managed to create a workable society that offered a growing number of people comfortable jobs, exploding in the twentieth century to the levels of non-primary employment we still see today. We seemed to have learnt to live without too much overt authoritarianism in our everyday lives and we believed in growing awareness. Early 21st century brought shock and awe and a relapse in fortitude. The scandalous financial crisis was subserviently assumed and covid follows a similar vain. Many believe in obedience more than their own observations. It must be clear now to everybody that we can’t go back to our old ways. CO2 is fear porn, but pollution is real and so-called green energy solutions are only making matters worse as well as being incapable of providing for 8 billion people. We will have to scale down and localise. One planet, a thousand oases, one people, a thousand tribes. Let’s reoccupy our lands and build back our relationship with nature. It will be hard, but we can do it. We surely will have some comforts left. The Internet has proven to be a powerful tool in the hands of well-meaning, caring and sharing humans all over the world. Let’s give Africa the chance to be herself. But first, we must get rid of those at the top. They are few and we are many and they live in constant fear of our uprising, which we never do since we believe in their right to rule us. We don’t have to kill them, all we have to do is go for their positions and possessions. New centuries tend to get going only a decade or two in. If the 19th century began after Napoleon and the 20th after 1918, the 21st may very well start for real in 2022. So please, stop complying. Just stop. Everybody is ready for it.



domingo, 6 de febrero de 2022

Locked up in fright

Life wasn’t quite as merry as it used to be in the Empire. The golden years of prosperity and fun seemed to have come to an end. While most people still had enough to eat and a roof over their head, persistent rumours were going round that soon the party may be over for many and bitter times were lurking. This instilled in the people a sense of insecurity and they automatically clung on to what they had, savings and stuff, rather than looking for new opportunities as a means of regenerating their society, the approach which had brought them so much wealth in the first place.


And then, one day, seemingly out of the blue, a face appeared on screens all over the world, a face that wouldn’t easily go away again. It belonged to Dr Toni, who in his younger years had been a locally famous fearmonger, and who with his nasal voice and closely set eyes managed to bring viewers worldwide in a state of trance where they believed, as the good doctor had told them, that there were plenty reasons to be fearful. In fact, no serious consideration could take away the logical acceptance of fear as the only possible answer, since every aspect of life carried the potential of entering in a major crisis. At least, that’s what the screens told, that everything could basically go wrong so there was always ground for fear. Life’s scary, you know. Especially, when your civilization is taken away from you.


Fear is democratic in that it offers everybody the chance to be afraid and indeed many, mesmerized as they were by Dr Toni’s stare and his poorly veiled Brooklyn accent, embraced fright wholeheartedly. Unsatisfied with life as it had been lately, people found in fear a new belonging. Scared together, right now, over me. It was tiresome, being scared all the time, it also led to more alcohol and drugs consumption, yet at the same time it was the only thing to be. The faint at heart were proud of their condition. Fright makes right, a wordsmith had forged.


As so often, children suffered from the madness that had grabbed the adult world. They were forced to stay at home most of the time out of fear something might happen, and they were only allowed to know a handful of people. At school they were kept away from each other and encouraged to log in from home. Many children were very unhappy at first, but they are children and they do what they have to do, which is play with life as it comes. To a child even fear can be fun. So, for a while, the children survived emotionally. Their parents were not always so lucky. Many had a hard time keeping the faith and often felt that being scared was not so different from that good old feeling guilty: both sucked.


After a good half year of heavy panicking which some elderly people just couldn’t bear, meaning they died from stress, while younger fainters sometimes felt they had entered a bad lsd trip, Dr Toni, once again on every screen, came with the solution: an injection, to calm the fears. And indeed, the mere thought that a fright easer was on its way already cooled anxieties and distinctly lowered flight hormone levels. Once the injections were starting to be given, a jolly insouciance grabbed the population. Let’s all get back to normal, a popular slogan went. Yet, this wasn’t in the planning.


The cooldown wouldn’t last long. Dr Toni was at it again. There were new fears on the way, he warned, and new injections, too. Some people were not ready to sink back into fright, so they resisted the common scare and continued enjoying life. Yet, many more still followed Dr Toni’s voice. Yes, there were new reasons, there were always new reasons, in theory. There’s certainly reason to fear theory. And so it happened all over again, the scare, the injection, relaxation and a new scare, as if there were no end. At every round more people stepped off the carrousel, yet Dr Toni stayed the course with his fear trip and a sizable portion of the electorate was still following his dictates, taking the scare and loving it.


And then, with Christmas approaching, things turned ugly rather quickly. Many of the friends that had jointly taken jabs that year suddenly suffered blood and heart problems. Still, most did not, but numbers were going up fast. People asked: what’s going on, but nobody knew what were happening. Maybe it’s climate change, somebody said, and the next day everybody said it’s climate change and two weeks later nobody mentioned such a silly notion anymore. Meanwhile, the heart patients themselves were queuing for life-saving help. Hospitals were busy injecting non-functioning fear relief potions. Cancers were also in recurrence. People were dying when they shouldn’t be, and things were getting into large number territory. Now there was something to fear, rather than fear itself. What was going on in our bodies? Had the injections anything to do with it? And where was Dr Toni? Dr Toni was rumoured to have taken his Brooklyn tongue to warmer climes, where he was allegedly trying very hard not to appear on screens any longer.


With Dr Toni gone, had also the injections come to an end? People weren’t quite sure whether they should fear such a situation or not. Freedom, from anything, from drugs, rules, other people, it must be a noble achievement for sure, but it was simply too dangerous to be seriously considered. It was hard not to be alert all the time with so much going on, according to the media at least. Inevitably, fear won out again, yet, while the jab frightened people more than anything by now, they also knew only the next jab could give them temporary relief from their scares. Whatever the injections contained and however dangerous they were – nobody was supposed to know or even question – they also provided the short-lived and intense relaxation every next shot delivered. Taking the jab had become like smoking. You know it’s going to kill you but not necessarily immediately. You also know the only problem with this comparison is that a single jab is worth ten years of heavy inhaling.


Unfortunately, this is where we’re at for the moment. While it is easy enough to shed the fear, since it has no base in reality, most people still won’t do so. This has driven the growing numbers of fearless humans to despair. Why is Earth ruled by the meek? they wonder. The meek are mostly unbearable with their soft complaints and lack of initiative, quite like the woke who are their children. While we are changing the year, this is perhaps the right moment to share the plight of the lonely unjabbed who get to swallow and neutralise all the bad shit the jabbed are spreading around town and who then realise that they are much like Jesus Saviour, loading the suffering these misguided people were causing onto their bare shoulders. Inevitably, they were going to suffer beyond their dues. One unjabbed said in a zoom call, you may as well torture me to death, as this is what you seem to desire, a true expression of your anger, and I can no longer sustain your nonsense. Hers was a story which yearned for a hero to save her from crucifixion. But the hero won’t come, of course, ‘cause people are busy complying.